An Unusual Way to Take Aim: Bring Out Your Inner Lumberjack

There’s a new game in town that’ll have you throwing sharp objects before you know it! (At a target.) 

Lefty’s Alley & Eats in Lewes has introduced visitors to a new – and surprisingly safe sport – axe throwing. And while most people can’t fathom the combination of bowling, beer and axe throwing, it is drawing plenty of curious participants willing to give it a go. 

General Manager of Lefty’s, Gary Foley, likens it to darts on steroids. “It’s not just come and throw an axe. It’s a structured game with training,” he explains. Players are under the supervision of Lefty’s trained “Axperts” at all times. 

The sport takes place in a baseball cage-like room, where only one player at a time enters and takes aim twelve feet away at a target that resembles an oversized dart board. Safety, scoring and competition rules are explained. Anyone over the age of 18 can participate (or 13-17 with parental permission), and groups between four and twelve people can reserve the room. 

Nervous about the size and weight of the axe, or your throwing ability? Don’t worry, Foley insists. The axes weigh about a half pound to one pound each, about the weight of an average hammer, and the axpert will instruct you on technique. In his observation, in fact, Foley quips that women are generally better than men, citing their ability to follow directions more clearly! 

For those perhaps a bit shy about wielding an axe, Lefty’s Alley & Eats also features bowling and plenty of menu choices. And of course there’s beer available, but alcohol is strictly prohibited in the throwing lanes. 

So if you are looking for a unique outing with your family, and perhaps your grandchildren of legitimate age, why not throw a party of a different level? According to Lefty’s web site, participants, your plaid flannel shirt is not required to throw an axe, but leave the flipflops at home. Shoes with toe coverings are essential for the obvious reason! 

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