Connecting Sussex Co. Veterans to Support

Are you a veteran? Married to a veteran? Widowed to a veteran? SO MANY QUALIFY for Healthcare and Benefits that they never access. This TOWN HALL MEETING is one of that latest attempts of local powerhouse, Pat, to connect folks to the support they are due. Gathering Sussex Co. elected officials, VA Benefits Manager, and VA Healthcare Representatives, this day plans to be a BIG HELP! If you have any inkling that it might be for you, or someone you know–please come!

It’s our mission to connect you to the info that will help you THRIVE. Whether it’s what’s happening at the local library, or the best place to see the Butterfly Migration. Having the right info is vitally important to being able to make the most of our lives. For many local retirees, there is a lot of misunderstanding around VET issues. However, you are in a great place, as Delaware has dedicated itself to doing VET issues better. There is the foundational importance of the Federal programs for VETs, but accessing these programs and your benefits on a local level seems to be where the disconnect might come in. There are two INCREDIBLE local resources right in our state that can help make all the difference. 

  1. Delaware Joining Forces:
    The Delaware Joining Forces (DJF) network is called upon to provide solutions that improve the quality of life and welfare of the statewide military community. This community-level effort directly supports military service members, veterans and their families by addressing critical issues and needs including:
    • Financial and Legal Assistance
    • Job Training and Employment
    • Homelessness and Housing
    • Behavioral Health and Wellness
    • EducationThe DJF is a network of state agencies, and external service providers who proactively work together to provide solutions for military members, veterans and families. The DJF network may be called upon to address and provide solutions to critical issues and needs, including financial and legal assistance, job training and employment, homelessness and housing, education, behavioral health and wellness. DJF is a collaborative effort led by several state agencies, including the Delaware National Guard, Delaware Health & Social Services, and the Delaware Commission of Veteran Affairs (DCVA). If you have services and/or programs that may provide solutions, please register in our Directory or call us!Contact UsDelaware Joining Forces Partners:Delaware Crisis Hotline:
      New Castle County – 1-800-652-2929
      Kent/Sussex County – 1-800-345-6785
  1. Then there are GREAT local groups to support on a grassroots level, your local ELK LODGE or American Legion. And one of note, is the Vietnam Veterans of America, Sussex County Chapter 1105. They have pulled together a great resource and made themselves a wonderful group to support:

We all do life better together, so make sure you reach out to find the local groups and resources that can help on your journey.

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