A Converted School Bus: Sharing Love (and Food!)

A Purple Converted School Bus on a Mission to Share Kudos to Delawareans! 

If you’ve yet to see the zany school bus, plastered with stickers of inspiration and shout-outs, you’re in for some smiles. On the back window is posted a sign, saying “You’re Awesome!” Whether it’s telling a friend, co-worker or dog how much you appreciate them, the bus stickers (or online stickers) remind people of their worthiness with kind words we often forget to share. Consider it a mobile billboard with a smile! 

Project Kudos, the brainstorm of successful new-home developer Schell Brothers, is a fascinating initiative that is benefitting several area nonprofit organizations. 

Not only do they travel around in the striking purple bus to spread cheer at schools, community events, 5K races and other fundraisers, but they also have a strong social media presence for people to post kudos to anyone they’d like. In return, Schell donates a local charity $1 per notice to the organization chosen for a given month.  

Everything from Alzheimer’s to camps for disabled kids and area food banks are benefitting from this unique approach to charitable giving.   

Kudos, which is derived from the Greek work kydos means “praise or appreciation.” And that’s exactly what is at the heart of the company’s happiness culture. Twin brothers, Chris and Preston Schell created the community effort, with thanks to the many employees, volunteers and donors to “share the love” – and funds so direly needed to operate all of these nonprofits. 

For example, during the pandemic, Schell partnered with a large Delaware food bank run by the Harry K Foundation. An entourage of purple bus volunteers hit the road, and distributed generous donations of groceries, including fresh produce, and other essential home items to hundreds of families in need of emergency supplies. They also delivered many smiles, as Schell’s marketing director Alyssa Titus explains about their drive in 2020. Once again, Harry K is December’s “Project Kudos” partner in order to help families through the holidays.  

“We plan to enhance the drive even further this holiday season by also providing holiday meals and stockings filled with goodies for children. We are appealing to about 68,000 people to join our movement by making monetary or non-perishable item donations to bring cheer to neighbors.” Monetary donations can also be made to the Harry K Foundation. In November, the Virginia-based Chesterfield Food Bank is the beneficiary of Schell’s Project Kudos social media donation program. 

Children, adults and families are all benefitting from the Schell project, even if it is just to bring cheer to people, even if it is just visit from the purple bus at school and other events drawing crowds of supporters. “Be a positive force,” the web site explains. 

Who will YOU send kudos to today?  

Make someone smile. Inevitably, it will bring a smile to your face as well.  

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