Adventure Is Calling!

Covid interrupted many travel plans but the pandemic hasn’t stopped the Delmarva Travel Club from exploring options for adventures. The club meets on the second Wednesday of each month for presentations by its members (adventurers, not travel agents) about different parts of the world. 

Retired college professor Sue Fox founded the DBLTC in 2016 based it on years of experience developing and leading college study groups to domestic and international destinations. The club now boasts more than 400 members, and Fox estimates that about 85 percent are retired.  

“I’ve always been interested in traveling and I like to get others involved. It’s a great way to meet people and I really enjoy seeing people’s excitement when they talk about places they have visited.” 

Sue Fox, Delmarva Bucket List Travel Club Founder and retired college professor

Leisure travelers (domestic and international) spent a total of $792 billion in 2019, according to the U.S. Travel Association, an increase of 4.1% from 2018 (not adjusted for inflation). Due to Covid, travel spending by Americans plunged by 42%, or $492 billion, in 2020, according to the association but the propensity for travel started to rebound in the Spring. Accordingly, the club curtailed its meetings from February 2020 and resumed in June. Those who want to attend now must be fully vaccinated.  

According to Fox, the “club” is open to all who love to learn about the world, including those who have traveled, those who can no longer travel, and those who wish to travel. There is no membership fee. Meetings are held at local restaurants where “members” can have dinner prior to a presentation. Information exchange is a key part of the meeting and some of the more seasoned travelers have shared their unusual experiences in exotic places.  

At a recent meeting, a widely traveled couple presented an imaginative power point entitled “Vladivostok to Moscow: A Trans-Siberian Railway Adventure”. John and Linda have visited more than 100 countries. The club shies away from using last names for privacy purposes.  

“We will never forget our day along Lake Baikal, the deepest freshwater lake in the world, and 20 percent of all the worlds freshwater.,” said John. “Our train was pulled for the day by a soviet era steam locomotive, and we were allowed to climb on the locomotive for photos. Our tour took us out of Russia into Mongolia. We spent part of the time exploring Ulaan Batar, center of Genghis Kahn’s empire, but the highlight of this day was at Gorky-Terelj National Park”.  

While most member presentations have focused on international destinations in Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, domestic travel is part of the mix.  

In addition to meetings, the club has a robust line up of trips planned, including “Tulip Time in the Netherlands”, a cruise along the Danube with an opportunity to see the Oberammergau Passion Play, a land trip in Sicily and a cruise on the Rhone River.  

The club sponsored a trip to Venice, Vicenza, Padua, Lucca, Florence, Assisi, and Rome in November 2017 and to Bordeaux, France for a Scenic Diamond River Cruise with a pre-trip to Bilbao and San Sebastian, Spain, and a post-trip to Paris in October 2018.  In October of 2019, club members traveled to Ireland.   

“As far as I can tell most of our members want to travel again but only with vaccinated travelers and to places that are safe according to CDC,” said Fox. “Many do not want a lot of hassle to travel.” 

If you’re bluesing for the ease of past travel or bound by a budget that doesn’t have lots of leeway for galavanting around the globe, you’re more than welcome to come and adventure through the experiences of others. The monthly meetings can transport you to whole new worlds and give you a glimpse of what locations to add to your Bucket List. Feel free to join the next monthly meeting, each 2nd Wednesday evening at Big Fish (All meetings begin at 6 as “members” enjoy the drinks and/or dinner of their choice, followed by the program.)

For more information contact Sue Fox at  The club website, lists all trips, a schedule of meeting topics and locations, travel tips and more.  

By Mary Jo Tarallo, Guest Journalist

Mary Jo Tarallo spent much of her career in public relations with various non-profits and spent 40 years involved with the ski industry as a journalist, public relations director for a national trade association and as executive director of the Learn to Ski and Snowboard initiative. Prior to her ski industry involvement she worked for the Maryland International Center in Baltimore and United Way of Central Maryland. She won a Gold Award for TV programming for a United Way simulcast that starred Ophrah Winfrey. She has been cited for her work by numerous organizations. Mary Jo grew up in Baltimore, attended the University of Maryland and Towson University, lived in Washington, DC for 21 years and has been a full time resident of Rehoboth Beach and Milton since May 2019.  

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  1. I am happy to have come across info on this wonderful Travel Club. Looking forward to joining your monthly meetings. All comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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