Bad Hair Day? Getting a Great Cut When You’re New in Town

If you’re feeling as though every day is a bad hair day since your move to Delaware, and the thought of a stranger wielding scissors and dye makes you anxious, you are not alone. Parting with your beloved hairstylist is high on the list of moving stressors, according to Ali Wenzke, author of “The Art of Moving.”

The most obvious plan is to ask for referrals from your neighbors and new friends. Or even strangers whose hairstyle you admire. It may feel awkward, but you’ll definitely be flattering someone. If you’re particularly brave, ask if you can take their photo to bring with you!

Flip through magazines for examples you think would work on your hair type, and look for photos of yourself when you were particularly pleased with your look. And don’t be afraid of a consultation to avoid feeling like a guinea pig. You need to “feel the vibe” with your stylist. If a new colorist frightens you, try a patch test, and be honest about your results!

Social media is a petri dish for getting styling ideas. Look no further than Instagram for photos of styles you admire, or search for “hair salons in Rehoboth (or Lewes or Milton, etc.),” and chances are you’ll see an array of happy customers on their account pages. Or Google “hair salons near me,” and read reviews from customers.

While we’re on this subject, what about your pooch’s grooming needs? A quick search of yielded 40 results of pet groomers in Southern Delaware! Obviously, it’s a pretty big business in this dog-friendly state. Again, your best referral is to ask fellow canine lovers for a recommendation for your pet’s particular breed and size.

The choice of a salon is highly personal for most of us, and maybe it doesn’t help that there are 142 of them listed in the area, also on (One in Rehoboth is even named Bad Hair Day Salon.) Once you find who you’re looking for, however, there’s nothing quite like a flattering hairstyle to boost your confidence while you are settling into your new community. Have a Good Hair Day!

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