Be Dazzled With the Wild Blue Yonder 

On June 10 and 11, fans near and far will descend on the beaches of Ocean City, Maryland while a wide variety of aircraft ascend overhead with jaw-dropping speed and maneuvers. 

During the 16th annual Ocean City (Maryland) air show, the headlining US Air Force Thunderbirds and other gravity-defying airmen will entertain people of all ages with their spectacular talents. If you’ve never experienced the “wow” of such performances, you’ll not want to miss this popular event. And it’s free. 

Unless you want to choose from a variety of available upgrades, ranging in price from $32.50 per person for some basic amenities, through upwards of $180 per person for elevated seating, “upscale restrooms,” catered meals and open bar. 

The thousands in the crowds, and those upgrade choices show you the level of fan devotion to the perfectly choreographed lineup of performers each year. And 2023 will not disappoint. 

Here is a unique chance we get to see the Thunderbirds display astounding feats, often at astounding speed. Approximately 1,000 miles per hour in fact, so pay attention. 

Six elite pilots from our Air Force demonstrate aeronautical maneuvers right out of a Top Gun movie without the Hollywood editing. Some of their feats are solo while others are jaw-dropping formations, sometimes flying as close as four feet apart from each other. 

Other Air Force talent includes the Air Force helicopter UH-72A Lakota, used in rescue missions, medevacs and non-combat reconnaissance.  

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II will also be featured, flying the imposing “Joint Strike Fighter,” purportedly the most advanced stealth fighter ever. Unlike the Lakota, this bad boy is used for ground attacks, intelligence and air defense. For emphasis, the imposing fighter jets known as “Warthogs” (A-10 Thunderbolt) will be there to impress as well. 

US Airforce Thunderbirds

Not to be left out, the US Navy is also well-represented. The F-18 Rhino, which is the workhorse of aircraft carriers will demonstrate its maneuverability and speed, along with its brother, the E-2 C Hawkeye. The Hawkeye is the largest aircraft carrier plane, and with its distinctive 24-foot radar on its top, its mission is to communicate and control airborne fighter activity. 

Both the Air Force and Navy will have vintage aircraft dating as far back as WWII. 

Perhaps, however, the most unusual sight to witness at the show will be the Red Bull Air Force, a group of daredevils that perform aerial jumps and “wingsuit” jumping. They regularly “base jump,” meaning they leap off mountain peaks all over the world and resemble floating bats. Their organization firmly believes in man’s ability to fly themselves, and if you check out any of their videos on Red Bull Air Force’s website, you can see they are not off the mark. 

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