Cats. A Celebration of Probably the Most Misunderstood Pet We Love or Don’t.

Inevitably during a dinner party conversation, at some point the subject of DOGS vs. CATS comes up. Let the debates begin. Cats, regaled as prima donnas since Egyptian times capture our imagination, while dogs…well ‘man’s best friend is hard to beat.’ However whether we like it or not, there is just something about cats. They have a mysterious air, and it’s just the way they like it. After all, no matter how or where they fall, they always end up safely on their four feet. They command respect that we can’t even dream of matching. 

No matter their finesse or fiesty-ness, their plight needs our attention. Unfortunately, in most local shelters there is a cat crisis! Our feline friends need our help. Local animal shelters, such as the Delaware Humane Society, at this writing has 56 adoptable cats and kittens. Alphabetically, they range from Annie to Ziggie. 

Other rescue organizations locally, including the Sussex County branch of the Brandywine Valley SPCA in Georgetown boasts a menu of adoptable felines, also listed alphabetically from Alyssa to Sweetie. C’mon…who can resist a cat named Sweetie? 

The BVSPCA, for those not yet familiar with Delaware adoption protocols is a no-kill shelter, dedicated to finding adoptable animals their “furrever” homes. Unlike other states, Delaware has taken the lead in advocating for adoption rather than some other states which unfortunately “dispose” of unwanted or otherwise “unadoptable” pets. Look around while you walk the beaches or sidewalks of our coastal community: so many animals amongst us are adoptees. Cats don’t typically go for walks, but they are there…behind the curtains or curled up on a windowsill. 

Cats and dogs alike are matched with appropriate families. Delaware is a leader in the approach that all are welcome and willing to be loved in a home. While much of the obvious attention is on dogs, cats are actually the bigger problem in terms of population and adoption. 

Take Bridget, for example (my own given name, so I immediately honed in on her description). She’s six years old and was surrendered because her owner needed to move to a nursing facility. She’s shy so far, and utterly confused with her surroundings.  

Glen, Glitter, Gold and Harriet take up the next row of available kitties. Their names alone evoke the notion and process of adoption. While they wait patiently for an owner that appreciates cats’ aloof nature, they stake their claim around the shelters: atop dens made for cats, under furniture and even on furniture such as chairs (watch out before you sit down.). 

Cats are excellent nappers, exceptionally independent and veritable good company – when they are in the mood. In other words, they make great company and don’t argue. They flee when they need to, they whine when they have to, they cuddle when it’s up to them and they don’t make any noise at all unless they’re hungry. 

Please consider adoption of a feline friend. It might end up being the easiest friendship you’ve ever dreamed. Pistachio, Peanut Butter and Morning Glory are waiting for you. 

Click to connect: Delaware Humane Society  | Brandywine Valley SPCA Georgetown campus 

by Bridget Fitzpatrick

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