Delaware…a Dog’s Paradise

Sure, I’m colorblind and have leash on when I go for a walk, but life in Delaware for us pets is fabulous. I’m a dog, so I would know. Call me Buddy.


The family that adopted me treats me to the most dog-friendly state in the nation– the beauty of dog life in Delaware. Dogs and cats from all over the nation are rescued, fostered and adopted in the friendly state of Delaware (leading the nation as the only “no-kill” state). Then we get to living—with plenty to do! 

We are welcomed in many stores, restaurants and other places of businesses here. There are dog parks in public spaces such as the big one in Lewes, and others in residential developments. We are here just like you to enjoy and explore!  

I’m now spoiled by two parents and neighbors alike. I meet other canines on every day on the Lewes to Georgetown walking/biking trail, and when it’s hot outside, people leave out treats and water, cause that asphalt can get hot.  

Here are a few of my top recommendations for the best in dog-friendly-spots in southern Delaware. (There’s everything from places to dine outside to beaches where I can run and take a dip, and homemade dog biscuits at Old World Breads of Lewes,–where the owner named Keith comes out and hands me one in person while I wait in the car!) 

State Parks of Delaware 

At most Delaware State Parks, especially the beachy ones, I can enjoy miles-long strolls on the sand, or on an inland trail. My humans need to keep track of individual schedules and certain monthly restrictions, but most of the parks offer pretty lenient dog rules (I need my leash, but am allowed to jump into the water year-round). There are places we dogs are not allowed to disturb of course, but we respect those breeding birds, remembering all our other beachy privileges. 


What’s better than enjoying a brew with me at Dogfish Head Brewery, in Milton or Rehoboth. Or there’s Crooked Hammock where I can watch the outdoor games from cornhole to bocce. (They don’t even check if I’m under 21.) 

There’s Lori’s Café, a gem offering outdoor seating for two-legged people, while those of us four-legger guests are treated with fresh water after a long hot walk on the beach. 

Grain on the Rocks is the best place to sleep by the bay while the parents feed themselves and give me an occasional treat under the table (Oh, those mouth-watering burgers!). The atmosphere is awesome, and there are other dogs like me, tethered but well-behaved under indoor or outdoor tables. The wait staff love us, actually. 

Finally, and maybe most amazingly, the Cape May Lewes Ferry loves us dogs (and probably cats, though I haven’t done a survey yet). We’re allowed to go on deck to mingle with anyone who wants to get to know us, or inside, or even in our parents’ cars if we’re nervous while waiting to cross the bay. The attention and views are amazing. Everyone wants to know your name, what breed you are, and how old you are. We bond for sure.  

It’s nice being a dog in southern DE. I am growing up in a community that has dog parks, walking trails, local chefs who care about my nutrition and more and more friendly places for me to keep being the best companion. There are countless places for me to be treated to grooming, and even specialized stores such as P.U.P.S in Lewes that caters to canines with everything from food to toys. 

We certainly are spoiled, and like it that way. We’re in cars, along beaches and trails. Even our feline friends are also welcome around here – many who are rescued and adopted. My point is, Delaware loves us, and everywhere it seems you look, there we are!  Can’t wait to meet you! 

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