Delaware By Day: State Parks

It’s Not Too Late to Explore Delaware’s Seashore Parks and Events 

Although it’s already mid-August, and the summer seems to be getting away from us all, there’s still time to take advantage of the multitude of programs and events offered by our own, very coveted state parks along the coast. 

Delaware Seashore State Park, for example still conducts educational events such as a guided tour over the Indian River Inlet bridge and other unique events, such as lantern tours on the beach to demonstrate what it once was like to patrol the shore. 

Most of the programs sort of fizzle out once the tourists depart from the summer, but that does not mean there aren’t other opportunities. 

Cape Henlopen state park is another gem that is “visit-able” year round with its family-friendly events and scenery. There are organized hikes, volunteer opportunities to keep our beaches clean, and always the chance to catch some sort of learning opportunity – either through the park’s environmental center, or numerous groups that take full advantage of the park’s scenery and resources. 

Birding, for example is a big draw to all of our coastal treasures. Thanks to the foresight of preservationists, our beaches are for the most part undisturbed havens for wildlife, particularly migrating birds. We are like a rest stop off the interstate. 

The history of lifeguarding, another example  is fascinating once you learn about it. Ships, for centuries now had to navigate the unpredictable waters close to the shores, and there are countless accounts of shipwrecks, dramatic rescues and unfortunately the demise of many sailors who succumbed to the ocean and Delaware Bay’s unpredictable patterns. 

There’s a whole museum on the beach of Delaware Seashore State Park with interpretive descriptions of these hazards, right there and free to all of us of that describes the rich history of maritime tradition off the coast right in front of us. Those are difficult waters to navigate. 

And of course, there’s Fort Miles and its preserved land, kept up thankfully by a volunteer organization dedicated to keep telling the story of how utterly important Delaware’s strategic location had a lot to do with WW II. There it sits, within a state park now. If you haven’t been on a guided tour of the former Army base, you’re missing out on a lesson of appreciation for our beloved location. 

Fort Miles, with all of those towers miraculously still standing represented our country’s efforts to thwart any possible attack – a real threat at the time. Submarines with arsenals were apparently abundant, and Fort Miles was an excellent location to monitor activity and protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia. 

The point is, no matter what time of year it is, there are plenty of opportunities to discover and explore this very beautiful area. So, get out there, learn some history and enjoy the scenery as well. 

Pics from the cited DE park websites

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