Design Trends that Make Your Home Shine

Spring of 2022: wait until you see what’s trending, what’s classic and what’s surprising! 

According to Houz, the popular online go-to for design trends, colors are getting bolder. And warmer. As people look forward to warmer temperatures, nature themes reign. Think bringing nature inside. 

So not surprisingly, green – all kinds of shades of it are in vogue. It’s been a rough couple of years that forced people to stay in their homes. Green can evoke nature, bringing nature inside. In fact Etsy even calls emerald green its Color of the Year! Green stemware, green clothing and even green bedding are in. 

Green doesn’t have to be bold or audacious, though. If the thought of bright green walls in your home scares you, there are several softer shades that still evoke nature, such as sage, and mint. In fact Dutch Boy Paints named “cypress garden” its 2022 One-Coat Paint of the Year. 

Warm undertones can complement existing furniture and fixtures if you’re not ready to take the leap too quickly. As Kermit the Frog famously sang “It’s not easy being green,” but given the right choice and shade that soothes you, green can give your home a facelift. 

Coming in a close second place is anything blue. Blue is the new black.  

Blues can be light an airy, which give the feeling of comfort. Given our proximity to Delaware’s ocean and bay, It’s no wonder blue is very popular for that beachy look. Blue can give of a sense of tranquilty. 

But vibrant blues can also make a statement for your home, and a trend of late are blue bathrooms in shades anywhere from soft baby blues to popular Navy Blues. 

Bright Skies was named as the paint brand Dulux color of the year 2022. ‘It will be a game-changer when people use this tone on their ceilings,’ says Marianne Shillingford, creative director, Dulux. ‘It makes the ceiling just melt away. This hue is both uplifting and light, while simultaneously being soothing, familiar, and apt for a joyous safe haven.’’ What a perfect idea for our coastal homes! 

If warmth, on the other hand is what you tend to prefer, it is predicted by several interior designers that terracotta and warm beiges will gain in popularity. Bedrooms and even home offices that need warmth  – but also a sense of seriousness are perfect for terracotta. Rooms with plenty of windows work best, according to designer Pat O’Brien of Rehoboth Beach’s Décor Direct. It can always be softened with light colored furniture and carefully planned lighting. 

Regardless which colors you choose for your home, the nature theme is hot right now, bring the outside into our homes.  

By Bridget Fitzpatrick

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