Dog’s Best Year

Your Pet Wants This New Normal – Permanently 

That’s right; our four-legged friends are having their best year ever. While we practice social distancing, staying at home more than usual, our pets are having the time of their life. 

They are demanding – and receiving – more attention, more snuggles and perhaps more toys and treats. They’re making appearances on Zoom meetings and showing up more on Instagram. Your quarantine is their lucky day. And if you are getting outside for more walks, the health benefits for you both are indisputable. 

Another upside for pets across the country? Adoptions from shelters and rescue organizations have skyrocketed. Shelter Animal Counts, a nonprofit that tracks national adoption numbers has plenty of data to prove it, and rescue-friendly Delaware is no exception. 

Brandywine Valley SPCA, with three shelters in rescue-friendly Delaware has seen a 96 per cent pet placement rate since last year! According to Gina Anderson, the Georgetown branch operations manager, their campus had a 33 percent increase when comparing January 2020 adoptions with January 2021. 

Then there’s Champ, now a famous White House resident who was “Indogurated” in January in a fundraiser for Delaware Humane Society, where he was adopted in by President and First Lady Biden. And in a nod to this positive adoption trend, Time Magazine named Rescue Pets as its “Pet of the Year!”  

Our existing pets, or course, are enjoying an uptick in dogs out there in parks, neighborhoods and trails. Families are also fostering more shelter animals – a great way to enjoy a pet and experience the love they give in return until they find their “furrever” home. 

Joanne W. of Lewes, and her husband decided to foster two dogs last spring until both were adopted. “It really helped keep our spirits up, especially for our son, a teacher who was quarantined with us for a three months. Missing that bond within days of leaving, we ended up adopting a puppy for ourselves, and she has brought mischief and joy ever since.” 

Chad Miller, of Pet Wants Rehoboth says people are focused more on their pets these days, especially to provide nutritious meals and snacks and avoid weight gain some pets have experienced during quarantine. His business features small batch, homemade food delivered free to your door – an added bonus that saves a trip to the store! 

So, paws for a moment to consider that your pet couldn’t be happier than to have you around these days. And it’s just the prescription the doctor ordered: unconditional love and loyalty just when we all need it.  

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