Grandkids Coming to Stay? Ideas for a Great Visit

The grandkids are coming to town! (And honestly, you live in one of the best places to visit.) They get to crash at a ‘beach home’ in Rehoboth, and you get more time with the grandkids. Win-win! 

But kids can be picky, so what ideas can you tuck away so you’re ready to keep them active. Here are a few activity suggestions that will please anyone and will leave your grandkids wanting to visit you every week! 

First, you have a ton of great outdoor spaces so close by. We recommend starting the morning over at Gordons Pond Trail. (Don’t forget breakfast first…and bring some snacks along! Maybe even stop for a hot chocolate on the way—Kilwin’s won’t disappoint!)

With warm cocoa in hand, show them the true beauty that Delaware has to offer by going on a walk (or change it up and bring the bikes). They’ll love seeing all the nature and wildlife along the trail, especially with YOU, patiently stopping to show look at the treasures they find along the way and answer their myriad of ‘what is that’ and ‘why is…’ questions. 

For lunch, make downtown Rehoboth your first stop with the grandkids because it has everything you could possibly imagine! If you’re looking for some of the best pizza on the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk, stop by Nicola’s Pizza or Louie’s Pizza. (What kids don’t like pizza—and the leftovers will come in handy!) 

Don’t fill up too much—it’s time for dessert! It’s hard to pass up the decadent soft serve ice cream at Kohr Bros or The Ice Cream Store’s selection of over 70 different flavors. Looking for more sweets? Walk the boardwalk for some saltwater taffy at Dolle’s Candyland, and don’t forget to pick up some caramel popcorn while you’re there!  

Once all the tummies are filled, head down to the beach so you can all work on a showstopping sandcastle or take a stroll down the shore to collect beach glass. Having the beach at your constant disposal will remind you why you love living here!  

If you’re hoping to wind down and bring some activities home, stop by Browseabout Books to pick up some great read-aloud stories or a boardgame the entire family can enjoy.  

Let these suggestions be a small springboard as you explore the MANY options at your fingertips to keep everyone busy for an exciting and adventure-filled time in Rehoboth.  The best thing about living in Rehoboth is that you’ll always find something to do whether the leaves are falling or the line for The Ice Cream Store is stretching down the avenue. No matter the season you’ll LOVE LIVING HERE, and so will they. (Watch out, they may want to visit every weekend!)  

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