Hit The Trails: Top Hiking Spots

Fresh air, open skies, nature all around. There are plenty of reasons to go for a walk in the gorgeous state of Delaware. Take some time to explore beyond Delaware’s famed beaches: there’s so much more to see!

Just ask the locals. 

Who can go from beach beauty to solitude along a lake or riverside within an hour? -Justin, 34, a part-time waiter and self-proclaimed ‘surfer dude’

First…you’ve got to start where the First State’s explorers did. The coast. So let’s go!

Gordons Pond, Cape Henlopen State Park

A coastal, dog-friendly, flat and scenic route. It’s a 5-mile loop with options for enjoying inland nature and meticulous boardwalks throughout the trail,highlighting the coastal beauty of Delaware. Whether it’s the blossoming spring or the red leaves swirling around you in the autumn wind, Gordon’s Pond’s trail will captivate you with its amazing views. The boardwalks are beautifully crafted for both cyclists and those of us who prefer to stay on foot. Go explore this state treasure to see what keeps the locals coming back for more.

Killens Pond Loop

Just an hour north of the beach towns, Killens Pond Trail offers a stunning opportunity for walkers who want to experience Delaware’s inland waterways. An easy hike of 2.5 or so miles takes you on a gorgeous tour where you can witness native plants that straddle south and northeast climates. You’ll walk between rhododendrons that prefer the north, and cypresses in the swamp that favor the southern climate, and will be delighted to witness waterfowl of all sorts that visit Delaware on their migratory visits to our state. 

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

More than 16,000 acres of pristine wildlife awaits you at Bombay Hook. Explore coastal beauty combined with protected land, preserved for the area wildlife. You don’t want to miss this gem! (Don’t forget to bring your binoculars, bug spray and water repellent gear.)

Trap Pond State Park

Kayak or walk your way through Trap Pond State Park, where you will experience the north/south divide of cypress trees and more. 90 acres of exquisite, unique trees and other plants will be your crash course into the climate and biology so precious to Delaware! Just an hour north of Rehoboth and Lewes, this trip will whet your appetite to know more about our unique ecology.

So, get out those hiking boots gathering dust in the back of some closer. Let’s break them in and enjoy the diverse terrain Delaware has to offer. 

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