How To Feel Accomplished While Heading Into a New Year

By Dr. Dane Bluestone

Many individuals understand the stress and complex emotions that are often experienced during the holiday season. Ending a year can feel invigorating, but sometimes it feels exhausting, especially with the stress of feeling like you need to set New Year’s resolutions. Identifying warning signs within your body may help you feel more confident, relaxed, and at ease this holiday season. 

Make sure you identify ways to feel grounded and connected to your day-to-day routines. 

Routines and schedules are often the first to go during a stressful time. With schools on break and many organizations changing working hours, it’s easy to feel out-of-whack between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Make sure your routine stays as consistent as possible, which can be as simple as drinking your cup of coffee at the same time each morning. This routine can be simple; it just needs to offer consistency. 

Feeling grounded will allow you to focus on your present reality instead of the past or the future. Stay aligned by focusing on the here and now. Talk with your therapist to determine which grounding techniques work best during a busy season. These may include focusing on your immediate senses, listing categories, or using progressive muscle relaxation. 

Make time for activities that you enjoy.

The pressure is on during the holiday season to be cheerful and ensure the entire family is happy. Make sure that you are prioritizing your health and well-being. You won’t be able to support those around you if you feel drained and exhausted. Leave time for what brings you joy. You should do this by scheduling some downtime and using clear communication to let those around you know.  

Let yourself remember the good times. 

As a society, we have a hard time patting ourselves on the back. Even when we deserve it, let yourself track your progress and successes. Write a list, take notes, or start journaling. Allow yourself time to see your progress and wins, even if it’s only creating time to drink that morning cup of coffee. It all deserves to be celebrated and recognized. 

Creating systems of remembrance can also be a great family activity during the holidays. Get together with your family and create a collage, mind map, storyboard, or drawing to demonstrate your accomplishments over the past year. 

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