Living in a Giving Community!

The Other Side of Volunteering: Support and Funding 

We’ve been talking about the benefits of volunteerism and the many ways one can contribute their time and talent. There’s another piece of the puzzle that is just as important. Community support. 

For decades, the Southern Delaware community has benefitted from the generosity of individuals and businesses. In a nutshell, it’s a very, very giving community, and it isn’t just individuals who make this happen. 

Enter Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and its commitment to southern Delaware’s vibrant philanthropic community. 

Whether it’s a hint or a nod to acknowledge the generous community in Delaware, every brew and every event Dogfish presents ends up benefitting the community in which it got its start. 

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, headquartered in Milton features several other venues, such as Rehoboth Beach’s Brewing and Eats, where brew meets benevolence. Little do most patrons know that their business translates into an influx of support for the local arts scene. Rehoboth Beach and Sussex County are well known for their local artists and musicians, and as the company’s co-founder explains, “art has been in our DNA since our founding (1995).” 

Aptly named “Beer & Benevolence,” Dogfish Head annually chooses local beneficiaries that receive proceeds from limited time beers, all in the name of promotion of local creative arts. This year, four organizations will benefit from those proceeds: Rehoboth Beach Film Society, Freeman Arts Pavilion, Rehoboth Art League and Clear Space Theatre Company

During the course of a year, Dogfish Head launches four limited edition beer “flavors.” In four-packs to go or on tap at Rehoboth Beach brewpub, part of the profit is generously donated to local causes. For example, the first of the Benevolence Beer Series of 2022 features “Depth of Field,” a carefully concocted blend of ingredients from both North America and Africa. Ten per cent of proceeds benefit the Rehoboth Beach Film Society and its recognition of African American film festivals and the First State’s own cultural diversity. 

The Benevolence Beer series for the remainder of the year will feature specially crafted brews that benefit Freeman Arts Pavilion’s capital campaign, Rehoboth Art League and its community outreach efforts, and Clear Space Theatre Company, an exceptionally talented group of artists and actors who are dedicated to engage local audiences and talent of all age groups. 

“Benevolence Nights,” typically Wednesday evenings at Dogfish Head from 4-8 pm generate 10% of sales proceeds towards these worthy cultural treasures. Although the names of the three remaining beneficial brews have not been named, you can count on Dogfish Head to continue its wonderfully generous efforts to support the community in creative ways. 

It’s not always about volunteerism and people writing checks for donations. Dogfish Head Brewery has exhibited outstanding generosity through a business sponsorship benefitting area nonprofits. 

Grab a brew and feel benevolent – who can argue with that?  

Dogfish Head Beer & Benevolence

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