Mill Pond Garden: Year Round Surprises and Learning Experiences 

Tucked away adjacent to the 150-acre Red Mill Pond and its tributaries is a sight to behold throughout every season. Right now, summer flowers are at their peak colors. Hydrangeas and hibiscus seem to be everywhere, as are other pollinator plants and shrubs. 

Don’t let the word garden, which conjures images of manicured pathways and beds of all kinds of blooms. Mill Pond Garden is also home and a sanctuary for butterflies, dragonflies. Through careful landscaping choices, several native plants and trees – so essential for butterflies and bees, and even birds, the gardens are teeming with life. 

Koi live in a beautifully constructed and landscaped pond, complete with a gazebo (a very popular setting for portraits and selfies). There’s also their amphibian pond, loaded with frogs, salamanders and more. 

It is truly a gem to behold, and director, Michael Zajic wants visitors to share in its magical scenery, although it is not open on a daily basis. The hours vary from month to month during which visitors can choose to take a self-tour or when scheduled in advance, go on a “Director’s Tour” personalized by Zajic. 

Admission fees depend on the nature of their events, but for example, it’s only $15 per car for up to six people for the basic walking tour. And it’s conveniently located in Lewes (in a quiet neighborhood setting). 

There are also periodic educational sessions. For example, the Mill Pond Garden emphasizes the environmental importance of using native plants and trees in our own gardens. It also has a winter tour that emphasizes that beautiful colors can be found even then. Fall colors of course intrigue people – there’s a presentation about that, too. 

From the website, this quote describes that mission beautifully: 

“The garden strives to promote the garden as a habitat for birds, pollinators, and all wildlife through use of key native plants, wetland and hibernation habitats, educational tours, botanic plant labels, and by the beauty of the whole garden immersion experience. 

MPG is a member of the National Wildlife Federation, and a Certified Wildlife Habitat. We are staffed by a Horticulturist, a Plant Scientist, four Gardeners, and blessed with volunteer help and thoughtful donors.” 

Oh, and don’t miss the Edible Garden, loaded with local produce. Have a garden of your own? You can purchase “Mike’s Organic Fertilizer and Plant Tonic” or premium, composted horse manure (by appointment only). 

Mill Pond Gardens is also a destination for special events (upon approval), and it’s well known in the area that it’s a top spot for taking wedding photos. 

To learn more about what’s coming up, visit the website Why not make the very easy trip to the gardens that await more friends. 

Pictures from the website:

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