One More Fall Day at the Historic Lewes Farmers Market

The Fall Harvest is a special season when autumn crops are ready to be picked. It is a very special time at the Market that marks the end of summer when it is a bit crisp out, but not yet winter. Some crops are only harvested in the Fall, such as butternut, honeynut, acorn, carnival, kabocha, hubbard, spaghetti, and sweet dumpling squashes. The brassicas—cauliflower, cabbage, kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, rapini, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, radishes, spinach—are at their best right now. The root vegetables–carrots, beets, red, white, and sweet potatoes, onions, and garlic—are full of flavor. Then there are ripe apples, Bartlett and Asian pears, and Market offerings using fall ingredients like apple and pumpkin jellies and jams, soups, kombucha, apple cider, apple cider donuts, and various pastries. Time to buy free-range chicken, beef, and pork and freeze for the winter. Thanksgiving turkeys are available for pre-order from either Mahon River Farm or Dittmar Family Farms for pick-up at the November 18 market. It’s also time for crab soups, oysters, locally roasted coffee, fall wreaths, and more—all at the Market this last Saturday.

November 18th is the last Saturday of the Historic Lewes Farmers Market fall season, and customer’s last chance to visit the Market and purchase the best fall produce. The Market is also holding a Special Food Drive on November18. Customers are asked to both bring non-perishable items to the Market and to also consider purchasing fresh food at the Market to donate to food pantries who feed those in our community who need a little help. Customers can purchase the items directly from the farmers to bring to the HLFM Food Drive table or request that the farmer put the items aside for the food pantries to pick up at the end of the Market.

The food pantries request certain non-perishables including spaghetti sauce, pasta, peanut butter, jams and jellies, canned fruits/vegetables/soups, boxed cereal, powdered or shelf-stable milk, rice, and beans. Please honor the HLFM’s mission and the health needs of folk who use the food pantries by providing healthy foods. Diapers, menstrual hygiene products, and laundry detergent are also badly needed, and can be dropped off at the HLFM Food Drive table next to the HLFM Information Tent.

The Historic Lewes Farmers Market is unique in that it is producer-only—customers are able to buy directly from the farmer who grew the produce. This Market is where the farmers are—the most farmers in any farmers market in the Delmarva. At the end of the Market, the produce and other foods are gathered and given to food pantries including Epworth and Casa San Francisco. The HLFM thanks its customers for their generosity. 

The Historic Lewes Farmers Market is managed by over 150 committed volunteers not only in Market season, May through November, but all year long. Volunteers set-up the Market, direct traffic, manage crowds and lines, count customers, pick up the trash, help with the demos, assist SNAP customers, and many work throughout the year on the HLFM board and advisory board on grant applications, strategic planning, promotion, finance, fundraising, and much more. V bringing the best local produce, meats, dairy, baked goods, and much more to the community. The Historic Lewes Farmers Market thanks all its volunteers—without this community there would be no Market.


  • Please note that dogs and other pets (except for service dogs) are not permitted in the Fall Market. This is being done to ensure the safety of customers, vendors, and volunteers. 

  • Parking is limited, so customers should walk or bike to the Market if able. For those who must drive to the Market, there is parking in the school bus parking lot, including accessible parking. There is also parking on Savannah Road and Sussex Drive. 

  • The HLFM website lists all vendors, their contact information, and whether or not they take pre-orders. For pre-orders, the customer may pick up at the vendor tent in the market.

  • Customers can sign up to receive the Market’s newsletter on the HLFM website. The Market’s newsletters list demos, what each farmer/ producer is bringing to each Saturday market, upcoming events, and more. Customers may also email and ask to be added to the list.   

  • The Market accepts SNAP and matches up to $20 per market, per customer. Please go to the SNAP tent to process SNAP/EBT. The HLFM continues its Food Pantry Purchase Program. HLFM customers who want to help feed the local community may purchase local produce, meats, milk, and other food from growers at the Market to donate to this program every Saturday.

  • The Market thanks The Lee Ann Wilkinson Group, 2023 HLFM Market Champion, for their continued support of the Market. It also thanks all the 2023 Sponsors! 

    For more information go to, or find the Historic Lewes Farmers Market on Facebook or Instagram. 

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