Put Your Happy Feet On

A Guide to the Best Footwear for Coastal Delaware

So much to do, so many places to go! Hitting the trails or strolling the beaches? The right shoe can make the difference between a good or great day and help you to be prepared for every activity!

Trade in your firmer dress shoes or heels, and consider your feet your new transportation vehicle. They will definitely thank you.

Running and Walking Shoes (There’s a difference!)

A running shoe is designed for high impact, absorbing shock with every stride. A proper fitting is therefore essential, whether you are petite or Clydesdale-sized. A good source for custom running shoes and more is Rehoboth Beach Running Company (RBRC). They’ll provide a free gait analysis and take foot measurements. Be sure to bring your current running shoes and socks to help their experts find you a recommended match.

Walking shoes on the other hand are built for endurance and comfort, cushioned in the right places to prevent blisters and other pain. Quality and fit are essential. Check out SAS Comfort Shoes Rehoboth (San Antonio Shoemakers) on Coastal Highway for special attention, especially if you have experienced unfriendly foot issues such as diabetes or hammertoe. All shoes are handcrafted in America, and they guarantee a 30-day comfort trial or free return for a refund.

Water Shoes and Sandals

Oh, how we can’t wait each spring to romp barefoot in the sand! But have you ever experienced Delaware’s beaches’ blistering sand in July? You must have appropriate footwear in warmer months, and high-quality sandals that provide support yet allow our toes to wiggle at last in fresh air!

Choices for summer treks are infinite around our beach community. For outdoor activity or trips to the grocery store, Merrell brand (check out their outlet in Rehoboth) has a fantastic selection for year-round recreation. For water sports or fishing, look for a shoe with excellent grip on slippery surfaces – think how to avoid slippery docks or rocks! Save your flip-flops for the yucky outdoor shower, and instead look for footwear with secure, adjustable straps. Here’s the “sole” advice of Lewes podiatrist Dr. Joseph Wendolowski of Delaware Total Foot and Ankle Center, emphasizing that seniors need stability in footwear. He advises, “Check for the following three things: 1. Press both sides of the heel area to ensure the heel is stiff and won’t collapse. 2. Bend the shoe checking for toe flexibility (the shoe shouldn’t bend too much in the toe box area, but it should not be too stiff and inflexible either). 3.The middle of the shoe should not twist.”

March, run or walk on, Delawareans! Just don’t neglect those piggies that take you to the market and all the way home – comfortably.

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