Southern DE is an incredible place to retiree with a flourishing senior community. Whether you’re still weighing your options, in the middle of the transition, or already moved in–WE ARE HERE TO HELP SMOOTH THE WAY.

Retirement is a golden opportunity to explore, grow and ‘become’ MORE. However, like every stage, it has it’s own challenges. Let us help you turn those obstacles into opportunities.

  • Plan for a great transition into an amazing locale like the coastal communities of Southern Delaware! Find tips, checklists and more.
  • Once you’re here, get info on local activities, events, deals and MORE so you can flourish in your new home.
  • Connect with LOCAL people who share the same interests and passions you do about specific topics of interest 

We have some great GUIDES as well as EXPERT CONSULTANTS. Take our quick survey to tell us more about what information we can provide to help smooth your transition.

One major question we all face around this time is WHEN TO RETIRE, and how to best prepare for the golden years.

How do you know if you’re ready to retire? FIRST, take some time to consider the 4 large areas that work address for most.

  • Need for income
  • Identity
  • Life purpose
  • Pleasure/enjoyment

Make sure you have a plan in place to address these needs once you retire.

  1. Find a strong financial planner
  2. Think through your personal needs for connection, engagement, pleasure and purpose.
Learn the tips for the move.DE.Gov Moving Guide

What to do before, a week in, then at 30/90 days. 7/30/90 Day Relocation Checklist

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