Run, Delaware, Run! 

If you’ve noticed, there are a remarkable number of 5K running/walking events that take place in Delaware – always to benefit a local cause or nonprofit organization. There are several people who are heavily involved with the organization of these events, but at the forefront is a guy named Tim Bamforth. 

Tim has been a local running icon for years. In his own words, “When I graduated from DSU in 1990, my goal was to make the Cape area a hub for running & racing.” And he certainly has. 

Tim has had an extraordinary running career ever since his star-studded cross country and track days at Cape Henlopen High. He has brought his enthusiasm for the sport to So Del to pretty much every age group. 

Now a retired Phys Ed teacher in local elementary schools, he has also coached state champion high school teams, started a youth cross country program, and most notably founded the Seashore Strider Summer Racing Series. Both of the programs he established are still, er, running. 

Many of you may know Tim Bamforth for his weekly column in the Cape Gazette on the local running and racing scene. Since 1993, Tim has written over 15,000 columns. He gives recaps of race results and highlights the achievements of runners of all levels. I imagine it helps the Gazette’s circulation substantially.  

Tim also started a weekly podcast with local runner Gavin Furlong recently, further adding interest in the culture of running. He’s all over the place being involved with numerous events, volunteering or acting as race director. For example, he codirects and manages the timing at the highly popular Dogfish Dash.   

And with Mary Beth Hutton of Rehoboth Beach Running Company, he codirects the Seashore Marathon every December. 

Rehoboth Beach Running Company, by the way, is the area’s only store dedicated “solely” to anything running: footwear, accessories and apparel. If you are looking for properly fitting running or walking shoes, you will receive personalized advice there. 

If you are already a runner or walker who likes to participate in 5K events – whether it’s for racing competition or to support whatever cause it is benefitting, you’ll want to visit Seashore Striders Delaware, a website that is the most comprehensive source of local running events and other resources. A listing of all upcoming races and links for registration can be found there. (There are 19 between now and Labor Day, for example!) 

The culture of the Delaware running community is one of benevolence, friendly competition and enjoyment. If you’ve never run but have considered it, there are plenty of opportunities to join other beginners. The friendships you form through the sport can be lifelong, and the health benefits are self explanatory. 

Whether you are a novice or a marathoner, explore what running in Delaware has to offer. The running community here has become a sort of dynasty, thanks to Tim Bamforth and countless other coaches, race sponsors and volunteers. Go for a run, and you’ll see. 

by Bridget FitzPatrick 

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