The British Are Coming! Again!

After celebrating its Silver Anniversary last year, the annual British Motorcar Show returns to Lewes on Saturday, May 7, from 11am until 3 pm at the Lewes Ferry Terminal. 

The British invasion sparks interest from fans all over the east coast, some even traveling via ferry or Interstate to get there. The ample terminal parking lot will be filled with 120 auto entrants on display to fascinate folks, even if they aren’t familiar with the storied British history of automotive luxury and excellence. 

Jaguars, Rolls-Royces, Land Rovers, MGs, Austin Healeys and more meticulously maintained motorcars will be on display. And this year, there’s a new category, now a total of 12 coming to town: “Modern Classics.” 

In previous years, entrants were limited to British-made vehicles from 2000 and earlier. The new modern classics category includes 20 British vehicles from 2001 and later. Entries sold out quickly, and a waiting list ensued in case of any cancellations. Disappointed wannabe entrants still show up with their own motorcars, however, creating a festive atmosphere, rain or shine (there’s no rain date). 

Admission is a family-friendly $5. You can’t beat the backdrop of the beautiful Delaware Bay and Cape Henlopen, plus there’s Lewes Coffee Company and dog-friendly Grain on the Rocks with full meal service right there at the terminal. If it’s a beautiful day in May, nothing beats having lunch in the sunshine on the ample deck of Grain’s restaurant. 

The show is co-sponsored by the Lewes Chamber of Commerce and the British Car Club of Delaware, which participates in shows all around the country. Lewes’ event, however is small-town unique. At the 3 pm conclusion, the highly anticipated Winners Circle Parade is a caravan of the 33 winners from 12 categories. They promenade from the terminal, over the canal bridge and onto historic 2nd Street to the delight of visitors and shoppers. 

An onlooking crowd is a certainty, since the auto show coincides with Downtown Lewes’ Spring Sidewalk Sale, when shoppers fill the sidewalks to enjoy the specials. 

Awards are based on the votes of five judges. They include Lewes Mayor Ted Becker, WRDE anchor Madeleine Overturf, Chamber president Nikki Fisher and British Car Club leaders, Charlie O’Donnell and Jeffrey Broderick. Mayor Becker will have the honor of presenting the awards at the center of 2nd Street during the parade. 

Motorcar fan or not, the British show will once again welcome spring in a festive and unique display of rare cars one doesn’t often get the chance to see. Be sure to stop by, even if it’s just to witness the Winners Circle festivities. 

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