The Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra Announces its “Heroic Return”

This label needs to be credited to MSO’s musical director, Julien Benichu, and he’s right on the mark for us classical music fans who are happy to see (finally) a full orchestra – LIVE. 

MSO’s 2021-2022 Season kicked off in the fall of 2021. Appropriately, included in the first concert was Beethoven’s beloved “Eroica,” a nod to resilience of us all during trying times, while the 2nd movement, “Funeral March” ironically pays tribute to the victims of COVID-19. 

What a better way to express and absorb those strong emotions than with music of one of the best composers. 

On a much lighter note, it should be said that the MSO has successfully returned to a seasonal schedule that we all know sounds infinitely more intense performed to a personal audience. 

So what’s up for the remainder of the season, which generally runs like a school year with scheduled performances? There season is long underway, but there’s still a bit left to enjoy!

It is the MSO’s 23rd Season of providing exceptional live music to the good people of the Delmarva area. They alternate their venues in order to make live performance available to the regional audiences. 

Under the direction of Julien Benichu who has been with MSO for at least 12 seasons, MSO is not just about performance to adult and/or musically trained individuals. He has been quite involved with a few local youth orchestras. Where would we be without these kind of inspirational people to demonstrate the importance of the performing arts. 

And if you visit MSO’s website, it is clear it is the organization’s mission to provide accessibility to music and more. Their outreach efforts have been lauded by many educators and administators alike. 

So there’s still plenty of time to take a look at their season and support them with the purchase of either individual tickets (they make great gifts) or a season subscription. Bravo! 

Note: MSO requires proof of vaccination regardless of your possession of a ticket. The orchestra itself has been fully vaccinated, but as a precaution, the organization is requiring proof of your vaccination status (masks are recommended as well.  

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