This is the Town, and These Are the People

“This is the town, and these are the people. This is the town where the people all stay. That’s the way they wanted it. That’s the way it’s going to stay.” 

-Harry Nilsson, from The Point 

To immerse yourself in Harry Nilsson is to get lost in 70s lyrics, which mostly make more sense than those of today. His sensitive lyrics were exceptional, and although he is unfortunately no longer with us, his combination of folk and rock, Grammy-nominated music inspired our generation. 

If you’ve never seen or listened to The Point, which was penned as a children’s animated cartoon with an outstanding soundtrack, then you missed out on something that can still not only inspire you in retirement, it’s definitely still there for you and your grandchildren to enjoy. 

It’s definitely right up there with “Good Night Moon,” anything Dr. Seuss and even “Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.” (You know…when the crocodile ends up in a hoity toity lady’s bathtub)? 

My point? Everyone’s got one.  

If you close your eyes and listen carefully to the soundtrack, or even better, chance upon a video version of “The Point,” you will appreciate that we all have “points,” no matter when and wherever we land.   

In the story, the protagonist main character named Oblio is banned from his community because he’s the only one with a round head whereas everyone else has a “point.” But his dog, Arrow has a pointed head, and catches things like Frisbees on his fortuitously-shaped head. Not good enough for Oblio to be accepted, however, because of the shape of his own misfortunate head. 

Arrow sticks with Oblio; they’re banned together, forced to the “Forbidden Forest,” only to learn there is no point to having a forbidden forest either. They end up traveling back together, best buddies, realizing everyone truly has a “point.” The animated trees ended up convincing him he has lots of points worth sharing with others. And so do we. There’s always another point to share with the very next person you either meet or already know. 

Enjoy, and make a point to be kind to someone today. 

By Bridget Fitzpatrick

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